Firstly, most of you know what K-pop is. But I’ll explain anyway. K-pop so, Korean pop a genre of music. Those who are K-pop singers are called idols. They are all very beautiful and handsome. When you look at K-pop, you may think you are in a pink dream. But the situation is actually very different. Yes, the subject of my article is “The Dark Side of Kpop”. I’ll start from the troubles idols go through first. The simplest, “internship period”. Internship periods of K-pop idols;the development speed of talent, English and Korean learning times, if they need to lose weight, speed of weight loss and finally, speed of skin being glassy skin depends on. This may be short and easy to say.But actually very hard.They are on heavy diets, they spend almost the entire day working.They do these under very harsh conditions.İf we talk about something else; when they make exit.

Their Ligthstick

I am sure that  know Korea’s understanding of beauty.When ıdols  make exit;to racism,to bullying and they are exposed to all kinds of bad things.They don’t have the luxury to make any mistakes, they have to be “PERFECT”.If they can’t do it; called “netizen” they are humili by a group. Forbidden most things for idols. They haven’t special life.Companies,fans and everyone like it interfere in their life.They are subjected to very heavy accussations.Due to these difficulties in the K-pop community  there are even idols committing suicide. I will finish my article I hope I was able to influence a few of your thoughts about k-pop in a positive way. Take care of yourselves!

ByElif Tuanna Yalın