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The Efivos Project is a Εuropean program promoting inclusive education and promoting common values among young people by raising awareness and enhancing their skills in media literacy.

The main objective of the project is to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds such as migrant and ethnic minority groups to equally participate in today’s information society by taking the media in their own hands.

The name EFIVOS (Encouraging and Fostering Inclusive Values among youth by increasing awareness and enhancing knowledge and Skills requirements in a digital era) is the Greek word for “teenager” and has been chosen as the acronym of our project to highlight and keep in mind who will be the main beneficiaries of the activities.

The project aims to upscale a project called “Young Journalists” which was developed at a local level in Athens, Greece. In the framework of this project, teenage refugees, immigrants, and Greeks were empowered to run and manage their own printed newspaper called “Migratory Birds” which was distributed as an insert with the Greek newspaper “Efimerida ton Sintakton”, and their own online web-radio called “Dandelion”.

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