The Authors:

Zeynep Duman

13, from Ankara, Turkey.

I like to watch tv series and listen to music and also spend time with my sister.

I participated in this project thanks to my sister, but I was sure I would have fun here and I wanted to improve my english.

Merve Dumain


David Colabove

18, Padua, Italy

I decided to join the EFIVOS project because I really want to improve my digital skills – which I believe everyone should be interested in –  and enhance my critical thinking.

Sofia Rausell

Şevval Türkmen

16, from Aydin, Turkey

Playing volleyball and listening to music. 

I am here to improve my resume.

Lucia Pertile

18, Monselice, Italy

My dream is to be able to work for the European Union as a lawyer-linguist.

I participated in this project because I was very interested in increasing my technological skills.

Giorgia Antonello

18, Italy
 I like to spend time with my boyfriend. We like to go out and enjoy cities, nature and art; things not so difficult to do when you live in my country. I also like baking cookies and watching anime.

Nerea Martinez

Haktan Toprak Çalışal

16, Aydeen, Turkey

I play football and watch movies, listen to music.

I am in this project to get a better english level.

Alex Lopez

Luca Turin

18, Italy

I don’t really have hobbies but I often go out with my friends or I play computer games.

I joined the EFIVOS project because I was really interested in the themes that were treated in the video-lessons, also because in my school I’m in the fifth year of study and these arguments are part of my course of study and I was really excited to know more about them.

Aslihan Düyanli

19, from Ankara, Turkey

I love playing volleyball and playing chess.

I joined to improve my english.

Elif Tuanna Yalin

13, from Ankara, Turkey.

I like to draw pictures, listen to music, go shopping and dance.

I joined to improve my English and learn new things.

Gemma Garrido

Aurora Orsetti

18, near Venice, Italy
I really enjoy the company of my friends and I’m always out with them. I really like to listen to music with my headphones and I enjoy playing volleyball which I have been doing for 12 years.
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