I think motivation is a triggering mechanism that’s in person. For examples include a job to take, a test to study, or any moment then we need to be motivated. Sometimes you can’t find that enthusiasm in yourself. The presence of a friend or a  friend around us that we feel close to can make us feel good. Because every once in a while, you can leave everything and feel the need to talk.

So how do you motivate someone who seems reluctant to start a business?

First of all, it makes sense to ask why you’re unınspiring for this job. I think we should figure this out first. ‘’ I wonder if he thinks he can’t do it ‘’ or ‘’ If he needs to think positively’’ or ‘’ Can’t dream beautifully going forward ‘’ We have to answer them.

And then you can ask him what makes him happy for the moment. As a result of his answer you can motivate him by talking to him accordingly. But sometimes you can feel lost, and it’s definitely not an easy situtation . For this we must listen to the other person thorougly and ask the right questions in the right place and find the problem and remove it from the other person. As a result, we must be as close as possible in the process.

The important thing is to make the person believe in himself, and if we can make and believe in one himself by talking about it we are happy.                                                                           

By  :Münevver Aslıhan Düyanlı