Food waste – A problem of our time

  • Ecology

Waste of food isn’t only a matter of ethics; it leads to the depletion of the already finite natural resources on our planet.

In the larger developed countries, the greatest amount of food is wasted at home.

The quality of the soil is declining because of us. Intensive farming does not allow the soil to breathe. We’re putting a lot of pressure on the soil that will lead to the use of synthetic external fertilizers.

Here are four simple tips

you can do to avoid food waste :


WATCH THE DEADLINE: Deadlines aren’t exhaustive. We’ve the attitude of considering the deadline as a date on which to throw the food.

ASK/TAKE SMALL PORPORTIONS: Not only will you save time without having to go to the supermarket several times a week, but you’ll also make sure, you buy only the food you need, no more.



Store fruits such as apples, bananas, and tomatoes on them own so as not to deteriorate other foods.

APPLICATION: There’re applications that allow us to understand how to save money without wasting food :

-Ubo: Ubo allows users to take advantage of information about foods. These concern indications on the storage times of food, their correct placement in the refrigerator, the quantities to be bought according to the number of people. Also present a series of anti-waste recipes. 

-My food: It’s an application that keeps under control all the offers of supermarkets. It’s also possible to schedule the purchase of product knowing the deadline.

Written by Aurora Orsetti

Illustrations by Giorgia Maria Antonello